Sam and Samantha otherwise known as 'sam sam but different' are an eclectic, spontaneous and zesty performance duo. If you wanted to fit them into a box they wouldn't fit. Their musical style could be described at best as the sassy combination of T-Swift infused Beyoncè meets arty Katy Perry-esque jazz with a hint of lemon and sugar and finally a sprig of aniseed.

Sam and Samantha were drawn together through their study of music and arts at Monash uni. Their first show together was MUST's adaptation of spring awakening which was then revived at 45 downstairs due to popular demand.

Next, sam and sam wrote and improvised originals at the MUST cabaret which set their career off and running...with stars in their eyes and a song in their heart they then developed the infamous radio show 'the gaggle' alongside fellow goose Eamonn Johnson 

There's no stopping this dynamic duo so best be warned, you'll get more than what you bargained for with this performance for better or for the worse!