Remembering Wonderland

Alice has been here before! I think? She thinks? We think... Some things seem familiar at least, almost too familiar, as if frozen in time, or like a record skipping constantly on repeat she replays the fragments of memories she clings to, its all she has left. But maybe it’s déjà vu...or is it a glitch in the Matrix...perhaps she’s seeing things clearer than ever before!"


  • Written, Produced, Directed, Composed, Designed, and starring: Samantha Hafey
  • Original Composers: Samantha Hafey, Dominique Scordel, Roan Johnson, Jess Tyler,
  • Arranger/score writing: Lewis Moody, Con Coutis, Samantha Hafey
  • Stage Manger/Prod managers: Kitty Robinson, Gemma Livingstone
  • Backing Vocalists: Elly D’arcy, Lauren Stewart, Michelle Eddington, Alana Parkin, Roan Johnson, Dom Scordel
  • Band: Con Coutis, Daniel Mougerman, Arthur Xafis, Steven Davidson, Kieran Rule, Preston Hulme, Amogh Ananth, Claire Pasquali, Daniel Kashyap, Alex Bartaska
  • Choreographer: Allira Ewin
  • Dancers: Hannah Loader, Tina Pan, Olivia Lowes
  • Chorus: Chris Roberts-Thompson, Con Coutis, Luke Thorne, Jacob Darlow, Darin Aqila, Daniel Agar, Elly D’arcy, Lauren Stewart, Michelle Eddington
  • Costume: Samantha Hafey, Joanne Hafey