Then there was Love and Murder... a cabaret. but it’s not a happy go lucky cabaret, it’s a dark, twisted, grotesque and tragic tale. Indeed these stories are about love and murder, the focus of the show, but they are tales for another time! Our story focuses on the everyday women who become victims of their circumstances. It’s about love, when love becomes a rotten apple, but we still hunger for a bite. It there darkness to be found in even the purest hearts, do you ask? Does it all come down to human nature? What happens wen we are pushed and pushed and it all becomes too much? Perhaps, doing bad deeds can feel better than we ever expected.


Written, Directed, Designed, choreographed and Performed by Samantha Hafey and Alana Dare 

  • Ensemble/players: Dianna Laiychk, Izzy Bellissima, Michelle Eddington
  • Music Trio: Arthur Xafis Jonathan Bucello Elly D’arcy
  • Supernumeraries: Arthur Xafis Baxter Macleod Elly D’arcy Jonathan Bucello Sam Porter