She’s temptation, she’s the viper, the apple and eve, lust, love, fear, all the relationships I’ve been hurt in, all the relationships I’ve hurt someone else in, all the men that have hurt me, all the women that have despised me, all the times I have hurt myself. I don’t even know her. But sometimes she’s me. And sometimes she’s fate.
Say her name: Indigo.

A LIVE RELEASE, ALBUM DROP, NO spotify, NO itunes, NO souncloud, NO band camp, not even youtube-just a live venture of experimental work mixing mediums, of dance, DJ-ing, voice, guitar and improvisational poetry.


  • Writer, Director, Composer, Movement, Designer, Performer: Samantha Hafey
  • Music: Tynan Headley, Sunicha Nakura, Joseph Zriekat, Samantha Hafey, Chris Roberts-Thompson
  • Lyricist: Samantha Hafey
  • Choreographer: Allira Ewin
  • Dancers: Allira Ewin, Mikayla Constable, Hannah Loader, Calypso Vanderbelt, Kali Kuhn and Tina Pan
  • Poet/Actress: Tina Pan, Alana Dare
  • Backing Vocals: Lauren Stewart Alana Dare
  • Guitar: Joseph Zriekat
  • DJ: Empress

Photography - Bill Park