A petal lies on the ground dead.
But is it really dead, or is it just a sign of life?

All things are connected, we are tied and tethered
to the fabric of our universe. Tangled like an intricate web. Each and every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when we destroy our environment we ultimately destroy self.

We do have however, the power to plant a seed harvesting possibility and we can allow hope
to grow and love to blossom on the inside and out.


  • Words and Direction: Samantha Hafey
  • Score:  Alana Dare
  • Illustration : Remi Chynoweth
  • Movement: Alex De groot, Caitlin Dear
  • Musicians: Jonathan Bucello, Daniel Kashyap (viola), Sam Porter (double bass), Juliet Steel (violin), Claire Pasquali (cello), Hannah Gwatkin (saxophone)
  • Vocalists: Alana Dare, Samantha Hafey, Hannah Gwatkin
  • Original composers: 'Love me in moderation’ Sam Hafey ‘Hard to Love’ Alana Dare
  • Costume: Joanne Hafey, Samantha Hafey
  • Formatting and visual design: Elizaveta Dilanyan
  • Lighting: Georgie Wolfe