Glass cocoons - the film

Glass Cocoons aired as a film in Melbourne Fringe Festival, November 2020, as part of Digital Fringe.
Exploring themes of isolation, metamorphosis and spiritual growth, the film acts as a documentation of curators Samantha Hafey and Allira Violet's response to the collected artworks for the online exhibition... including poetry, dance, improvised movement and experimental zoom sessions. The film interviews several artists from around the world, with over 25 people involved in the production.

Reviews from Fringe:

"Such a beautiful, mystical reverie of being human and staying creative this year."

"So many themes that I lost count. Everything from the main story of growth, to the smallest detail. Honestly such an awesome performance."

Glass Cocoons, the film, has been made available to watch for free throughout the duration of the exhibition via the link below - please note it is a 45 minute show and captions may be generated through YouTube via the English setting.