Wild Tongues believes in slow, ethical and sustainable fashion. As part of our New Year reflection, we have pledged to adopt mindful choices in the clothing we wear, buy and promote. If you're a small business aligned with our values, please feel free to contact us regarding collaboration shoots.

Celestin, the label

Introducing our first fashion shoot for Celestin, featuring models and Wild Tongues directors Allira Violet and Samantha Hafey, shot by Bill Park (@bill.park_) with makeup by Darcy Taylor at studio JNJ events.

Hear more from Celest (owner of Celestin):
"I wanted to create a slow fashion brand that didn't only have a beige and neutral colour pallet with loose fit clothing. I wanted to create one that was expressive, sultry and modern."

Celest also quotes her brand values to be:

"Honesty - Because we don't have time for bullshit.
Inclusivity - Because it's 2021 and everyone deserves love and a voice.
Preservation - Because we only have one planet called earth.
Freedom to Express - Because you were born to, be you, be bold and speak your divine truth."