Bruised fruit


The hit track 'Bruised Fruit' premiere music video - a collaboration between Wild Tongues productions x Coco Butter (duo of Thorne and Samantha Hafey)

Composers: Jess Tyler and Luke Thorne
Performers: Luke Thorne, Samantha Hafey-Bagg
Creative Direction/Visual Concept design: Samantha Hafey-Bagg
Assistant Director 1/Shot coordinator: Con Coutis
Assistant director 2/Videographer/Editor: Bill Park
Music Production: Rino Darusman
Choreographer: Allira Violet
Dancers/Hand Models: Allira Violet, Olivia Lowes, Darcy Taylor, Alana Dare
Costume: Samantha Hafey-Bagg, Darcy Taylor
Makeup and Hair: Darcy Taylor
Props coordinator: Alana Dare
Location/Lighting: JNJ events (studio 135)